Saturday, December 8, 2012

Shaded 4 patch tutorial for Easy Street Part3

So  this week we have to make shaded 4 patch units for Easy Street Part 3. I don't have the Easy Angle ruler so I tried to find some different methods to make the units without the special ruler. I was searching and found this fantastic video by Billie Lauder  on Youtube.
She's making her blocks larger so I had to do a little bit of math to figure out what size strips to cut for this step.

To make 2 units you'll need to cut:
  • 2- 2" squares from purple fabric

  • 2- 2" x 3" rectangles from black&white background fabric
  • 1- 3.5" x 4.5" rectangle from aqua fabric (I'll use pink/yellow)
1. Sew the squares and the 2"x 3" rectangles right sides together, press. I pressed the   seams open.

2. Sew them together with the squares in opposite ends, press. I pressed the seams open again.

3. Put the 3.5" x 4.5" rectangle right side down possibly on a piece of fine sandpaper and draw a 45 degree line starting in the right bottom corner going up to the left by placing the 45 degree angle on your ruler on the bottom edge of the rectangle.

4. Sew on the drawn lines. Check to make sure the corner of the squares are not cut off. If something is off, rip the stitches and repeat the folding until you get the corners lined up. You can see I had to do some un-sewing too.

5. When everything looks good, cut apart between the 2 sewing lines.

6. Press and trim to a 3.5" square making sure you have the 45 degree line on your ruler lined up with the half square triangle. I pressed to the pink fabric because there was too much bulk to press open.

Ta-daaa! 2 blocks are done! Only 62 to go :))) (I forgot to trim mine before I took the picture so the dog ears are sticking out on the right)

Shaded 4 patch block tutorial

'Til  we blog again! :)


  1. And no special rulers are required! I love the pink fabric.

  2. Great tutorial for a nice block. I must try it out soon. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great tutorial Kati! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Thanks Kati, your tuorial is much better than the blog link I gave you.

  5. thanks for sharing.. I am definitely planning on trying this method... I am behind but I have gotten step 1 done... just need to trim my 4-squares... Christmas stuff keeps getting in my way!

  6. Kati, what a great way to get these done quickly and without dealing with any of the bias! Nice tutorial. Amazing how we can all learn from each other. Thanks for the easily worked plan!

  7. Wow, that's great! I rally like the looks of this block, andwant to try this for another project. Thanks!

  8. #4. "Sew on the folded lines."???????

    1. Funny how it's been over 5 years and you're the first one noticing. Thank you, I corrected it.I meant on the drawn lines :)


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