Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Guess what?...

...I'm home this week, and finally put the last borders on my Celtic Solstice top. Yeah. I know it's not like I finished the whole quilt, but I like to celebrate the baby steps and this was a big one. Some of you saw my tweet about my helper wanting to help out with the measuring. I get moments like that :)

Smoky helping with the measurements:

I decided to make a yellow binding for this one, just to contrast the dark green outer border, I'll have to get working on that.
Yesterday I ordered the batting for this baby and another one I want to finish. Now I only have to figure out what I'm gonna do about the backing. The local quilt show is coming up in 2 weeks, so I might just wait and get wide quilt backs locally instead of ordering online. Hope they'll have a good selection! If not, I was really contemplating the new-to-me Robert Kaufman quilt backings. I just haven't decided if I wanted blue or green. Decisions, decisions!

Meanwhile, here's the top:

Fiance is a tall guy with long arms, but even he couldn't reach as far as the edges go so the upper corners are kind of cut off, but you can get the picture without them. :)

I'm trying to decide on a layout for my Lucky Stars 2013 blocks. I'm contemplating putting them on point, which I've never done before. I just want to make the quilt a little larger, since it's 36"x 48" with the 12 blocks that measure 12". I even mocked up my theory in EQ7, in straight setting with flying geese in the sashing, and on point with the same flying geese. Again, I'll just have to make up my mind.

Here are the blocks:

Do you have any suggestions? Let me know in the comment section below! :)

And finally my dear Sleepy turned 3 last Friday!

'Til we blog again! :)