My finished quilts

This is my first quilt. It is an original design, made with 12" blocks. It was finished 10/30/ 2002. Machine  pieced, machine quilted in the ditch.

This is Kalika's quilt. I designed it with my friend Adrienn for our friend Eniko's baby shower. It was finished 12/24/2003. Machine pieced, border hand appliqued, machine quilted with straight lines.

This quilt I named Pooh and friends stars. The blocks were hand drawn and paper pieced. I made them in the color of the characters from Winnie the Pooh for a baby boy, Daniel. The quilt was finished 11/26/2004. Paper pieced by  machine, machine quilted in the ditch.

The name of this quilt is Alizka's magic blanket. It was made for my friend brand new baby girl, Aliz. She was always crying and when I gave her the quilt and they covered her with it She stopped crying. So her Daddy named the quilt the magic blanket :) It is my favorite pinwheel design. It was finished 07/07/2005. Machine pieced, machine quilted  in  the ditch.

Patrick's quilt is made of flannels and was finished 10/18/2008. Finished  size 33"x 48.5", made of 12" blocks and is  an original design. My first time working with flannels. It was machine pieced and machine quilted.

This quilt was made for a baby shower. We didn't know the gender of the baby (and I was totally expecting it to be a boy) so I had to switch out 1 block to make it more girly. I really love these pinwheels, they look like they're swirling in the wind. The quilt's size is 41.5" x 51.5", I made the   binding with the fabrics that are in the quilt. It was finished 10/26/2008. Machine pieced, machine quilted.

This quilt was made from the Hungry Animals collection. The center is a panel and I added borders. It was finished in March, 2006. Machine quilted.

This is called Lili's Flowers. I started it for our friend's baby who was born December 1st, 2011. I saw a quilt by Sandi Colwell in McCall's Quick Quilts called Leahbelle's Garden and it inspired me to come up with this idea of flowers on the quilted background. I decided to try the chenille technique around the flower petals because I really like the dimensional look. My first Free Motion Quilted quilt. The quilt was finished 03/01/2012. It's machine pieced and machine quilted.

My first Dresden plate quilt for my friend's daughter's (Zsofi) first birthday. The size is 48"x 60". I really enjoyed making this quilt and love the way the flower quilting looks around the plates. I also love the 3-D pinwheels in the 4 corners. It was machine pieced, hand appliqued and machine quilted with free motion quilting. Date finished: Aug 23, 2012.

I started this quilt back in 2006. It was made for my Fiance. My foundation paper pieced with scraps. It has  the highest loft batting so the seam  lines are wonky at places. I loved making it, even though it  took me forever to finish it because of the lack of space for basting. Quilt size is 72"x 90", start date December, 2006, finished September 6, 2012, blogged about it here.

The Double Wedding ring mat was made from leftover sheets and scrap fabrics I'm just tired of to try out the method for strip piecing before cutting out the arks for the rings. I have templates to make the patches individually, but I think it's a huge work to cut everything out one-by-one so came up with strip piecing the patches instead. I think I'll  still try  to do the one-by-one method :) The quilting in the negative space is practicing  my skills. I blogged about the mat here.

Blu D PITA was started as a Craftsy BOM 2012 project. We made 20 blocks total and I decided to divide them up into 2 baby quilts. This  was the first one I finished and blogged about it here. There are individual pictures of the blocks in the blog post. Quilt size is 44" inches square, and also my first square quilt.

N Blu was started also with the Craftsy BOM 2012 class. I changed up a few things with the free motion quilting. I decided to use white thread on the white background and blue thread on the blue patterns. I also decided to try Isacord poly  thread for the first time and it works like a charm! I gave a try to the Supreme Slider and loved it. Highly recommend  to those who free motion quilt. Quilt is 44" square and blogged about it here with detailed photos of each individual blocks and quilt back.


  1. Oh I love Lili's quilt! What a great idea to use the chenille! They are all lovely quilts!

  2. Such a pretty quilt! Thanks for the chenille tutorial. All your quilts are so pretty!


  3. Hi, Kati! I'm recently here and glad to meet you! I saw that you and I are similar. I am a self-taught mostly traditional quilt too and now I loved modern quilt too. I am fascinated by the bright colors on a white or black. I love working with color because exactly color determines mood of quilt, I guess. Welcome in my blog:
    Have a wonderful day!


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