Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas cards

I've been getting ready for Christmas in the past week and it included the making of some Christmas cards for my friends. Tonight I finally finished the tree trunks on the few that was left and took a picture of them. One is missing since I sent that one away already and I'm not sure they got it...
My quilting-blogging friend Chrissie told me about a tutorial at Stitched in Color which  I really loved and it even had the downloadable tree pattern. Not that I can't draw my own, but it was a lot more convenient :))

I made a few of her versions,

then decided to make my own and those are the ones where the scraps go horizontally.

The fabrics are not necessarily Christmas fabrics, just pulled whatever scraps I though would look good.

The 2 "odd-balls" are my own design, one from scraps and the other one is just a sawtooth star.

The fabrics are all sewn  on the cards by machine.

I promised myself that I won't do the next part of Easy Street until I get my Christmas list done. It's kind of long at this point.
  • I have to finish the monkey quilt (Haha, RIGHT! the back is not even pieced at this point!)
  • Make a Sunshine pillow cover, possibly with zipper for my friend's daughter (the one with the Dresden Plate quilt from the same fabrics)
  • Folded fabric Christmas ornaments x4 (5?)
  • Make a Christmas tree skirt (If I still have time)
  • Christmas cookie baking (that will have to get done for sure!)
Soo, keep your fingers crossed for me and wish me good luck! :)

P.S. I  really want to cut up the fabrics for Easy Street Part 4 at least so I'm not THAT much behind! But I was thinking I could use them as leaders and enders while piecing the back for monkey. I'll be away next weekend so everything has to be done before that. Yeah. I know! 

'Til we blog again! :)


  1. I love your Christmas cards, what a super idea. I will remember them for another year, although I would have to make nearly 100 cards (or maybe only the very good friends and family members will get one of those). I also love those you've designed yourself. What a clever lady you are.
    Have a wonderful Holiday and have fun with your Christmas to do list. xx

  2. Kati,Love those Christmas cards,especially the ones you designed! Sounds like your list is going to keep you busy the next week! Good luck with getting it all finished :)

  3. Love the Christmas cards - they look great!

    Best of luck with the to-do list! There's always so much to sew isn't there!

  4. The Christmas cards are really cute! I love that idea. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Your Christmas cards are great. I will have to try a few. Thinking birthdays etc. thanks for sharing. Mary Ann

  6. Love these, what a great idea.

  7. What beautiful trees on your Christmas Cards! Have fun with your Christmas list and then Easy Street part 4! Thanks for sharing.
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