Thursday, May 31, 2012

A quick update

Hi Everyone,
Just wanted  to put out a quick blog post to let you all know  that I'm still here!
We got an invitation from my friend (whom I haven't seen for at  least 3 years!) a week ago to go visit them and see  their 4 months old baby girl for the first time. Exciting! But you all know what that means! I have to make a quilt! And make it quick!
I had a hard time deciding what should I make because I didn't want to do the usual pinwheel pattern that I love to make for kids. After a long consideration I decided on the Dresden plate pattern.  It will be pink and white, of course :)) I can't share any pictures yet, because I have a commitment  to do a tutorial on July 17th for  the Let's get Acquainted! blog hop and if I share the pictures now I'll have to come up with something else... which at this moment I'm not really capable of :)
I will also have to work on my  log cabin quilt  which I wanted to finish by Sunday. It's our 12th anniversary and would have been nice to finish it by then, but the baby quilt just took it's place. Now I'll have to think about something else to get for Fiance... UGH!
I'll keep working on the Craftsy  BOM blocks after I'm done  with the baby quilt, now at least I figured  out how to applique the letter "D" on the background.  The Dresden plates made me practice :)
I also signed up to Wendy Butler Berns' machine quilting class on I never in a million years thought that the videos are so thorough! I'm really happy with the class so far and will use her basting method with my log cabin quilt when I get to it. I even walked to Staples the other day in 90F  to get some binder clips, only to realize that their thickest is 1 inch. I decided not to buy it because I had a feeling that our table is thicker than that. After coming home and measuring I gladly noted that  the top is only 7/8 inch thick so I'll go back and get the clips!
That's all for the updates for now, I only have my helper Szundi's picture to  share. He likes to climb into plastic boxes, but lately I realized that He prefers the ones that have fabrics in them. Smart cat!

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