Thursday, May 10, 2012

Baby bib and Craftsy BOM progress

The other day I was cleaning out the sewing room closet and found some clothes that has been there for a while. There was a pair of Fiance's old jeans with a hole on the backside. In the mean time I was trying to catch up with my blogs and podcasts and Katie talked about and posted some cute pictures of the baby bibs She recently made. I checked them out and they looked really cute. Here is the link to her blog post, hop on over! That gave me an idea to use up those jeans. My friend has a baby girl so I made the first one  with a girly insert using up some of the leftover strips from the spring bag I posted earlier in April. It came out pretty nice, I'm satisfied with the result. I can't remember where I printed the pattern  from, but I had to add 2 inches to the height to make it the right size. After turning it inside out I thought that the neck opening was too small for an 11 months old so turned it right side in again and cut the opening a little bigger and stitched  together the neck part. I don't have any snaps on hand  so I ended up sewing velcro on for the closing.

Denim baby bib

Here's what the back  looks like:

I got the news from my Mom that my friend became a Grandma for the first time a few weeks ago. Her daughter had a cute baby boy so I decided to make a quilt for him. I knew  they would be happy  to receive one. Since I wanted to try the Craftsy  Block of the Month project this was a good opportunity to get working. I chose to use white and light blue fabrics and thinking to throw in some light green and yellow ones for fun later. We shall see :)

BOM-s for January:

Asterisk block:

Wonky pound sign block:

 Blocks for February:

 Balkan Puzzle Block:

I was going to make the second block this afternoon, but after not seeing the sun since the weekend Today turned out to be pretty nice so we decided to go to the beach instead. It was extremely windy and the sand was blowing all over, I still have it stuck to my face and scalp :) I had to empty my purse before we came upstairs and shake it inside out to get  rid of all the  sand. I just  cleaned the whole apartment before we left and did not wish to bring any unwanted sand inside :)
I'm linking up to Minutes for me by Marcia
Now I'm off to bed because can't hardly think anymore!
Till we blog again! :)


  1. The bib turned out great! They are so addictive to make. I made my neck hole larger too since I wasn't sure and the template was sort of small. I figure I'll make a variety of sizes and they can use what fits and get rid of what doesn't (or keep for baby #2).

  2. I love the idea of using the jean fabric for the bib. Your blocks look fabulous.

  3. Love to use denim but never really know how! Great idea! Your blocks look perfect! I love blue!

  4. What an adorable bib! Great idea! And I love your blue blocks - very pretty. Whoop whoop!!

  5. I was just thinking about trying to make some bibs. My four month son has started drooling all over the place, so all of his cute shirts get covered up. But maybe if I had some cute bibs I wouldn't care so much.

    Do you happen to know if denim absorbs drool well? Or were you making them as more of a food block?

    Thanks for the link too!

  6. Kati - Thanks for sharing at the Minutes for Me Linky Party!
    I love the bibs!


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