Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hexies progress

I keep on working on the Craftsy BOM blocks and I'm in the month of April which is English paper piecing month. In my last post I stated my own  method for that, the result will be pretty much the same anyway.  Except! The original block was supposed to be the way the hexagons were arranged in a column on a plain white background. 
Below is a picture:

I thought it's really pretty. But to me a bit boring... So I thought I'd try to find another way to arrange the hexies I made. I came up with an idea of shaping them into a letter. I'm making this quilt for my friend's grand baby who's name is Dominik so I tried to arrange them into a "D" shape.

Does this look like a "D"? That's the question!

I'd sew it on a white background as it was supposed to be originally, but first I'd like some feedback, what do you think? Is it OK for a letter D or should I figure out something else? My other idea was to form a triangle if I made 2 more. Thoughts anyone? Your opinion is very much appreciated! Did I mention I'm a terrible decision maker? Yeah! That! :)  Please help meeeee! :)

'Til we blog again! :)


  1. To be honest, doesn't really look like a D to my eye. Google hexagon graph paper, I found a good one at, but there are others. Great to use when you are planning something with hexes. Hope this helps

  2. I saw the D, but I also see dead people... ;D jk, lol!

  3. We plan that this will be a white blanket hexagons, D?
    Good idea, I like it, but I have a D in the form of textiles and sewing, you will surely see the monogram.
    I also really like the hexagon!

    I decide I'm too hard.: (

  4. Vicces,ahogy siettem,nem vettem észre rögtön,hogy magyarul is írhatok!:)
    Köszönöm a válaszodat!
    Megnézem ezt a linket,amit kaptál,mert izgatja a fantáziámat a nagyiblokk.:)Én csak így hívom a hexagont.


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