Friday, November 16, 2012

WIP Craftsy baby quilts

As I promised in my last post I took some pictures of my works in progress blue&white baby quilts I'm making with the Craftsy block  of the month  blocks.
Quilt #1 (doesn't have a name yet) is sashed and the top is assembled. 

I finished piecing the squares for the backing on Wednesday night. I didn't have enough fabric left from the ones I used in the blocks so I had to improvise :)

Quilt #2 is in the to be sashed status. I laid out the blocks on the bed because of the lack of a design wall. :) Here's what they look like, with one of the helpers on the side:

I'm home today so I'll be working on the sashing (it'll be the same as #1) and then I have no idea what's gonna be on the back... I have some blue  squares cut for another quilt and I might just use those. Who knows? :)
Also, any suggestions for names? I am totally stuck and  have no imagination in naming my quilts. It's good I don't have any children, we're having a hard time even naming our kitties :)
Hope you have a lovely weekend and thank you for visiting! Come again soon! :)

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'Til we blog again! :)


  1. Both quilts are so pretty. I love the blue and white together. The contrast is gorgeous. The pieced backing could be the front! They'll both make wonderful baby quilts.

  2. They're beautiful - love the blocks and the patchwork backing! Look forward to seeing how you'll be quilting them.

  3. I like them both! Great job :) That top one with the "N" in the center reminds me of that game show where there were pictures and letters. You had to guess the word/phrase from the pictures and letters. Sorry,but the name will not come to me :( Have a lovely weekend yourself :)

  4. Wow! All the blocks look Great!! You've given me inspiration to complete my set! Probably not until January though. Wonderful job!

  5. Still loving it Kati, like Farah I'm interested in knowing how you're going to quilt this one? :)

  6. Such great blocks! I really love the variety. Your selection of blues is wonderful, too- restful, but not boring. Interesting yet one fabric doesn't overpower. Very nice work.

  7. Those blocks are so pretty -fresh looking in the blues!

  8. So, so pretty :) I can't wait to see it all finished :)

  9. Your quilt looks beautiful! Those blue squares will look great for backing.
    I love all the different blue colors. Name it "Blu bird" from movie "Rio" ;).

  10. Very pretty, always loved blue and white.


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