Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dresden quilt BASTED!!!, Wonky log cabin block

Hello there dear readers,
I'm glad you all are here! :) How is everybody doing? Have you thought of that  the Summer is almost over? I can't believe it... time goes by so quick!
I bit the bullet today and basted the Dresden plate quilt. Why am I dreading the basting part? Because I don't have a large enough table? Or am I just procrastinating? Does it happen to you? I ended up taping the backing on our area rug and baste the quilt on the floor. It was my first time using this method since I think this is the largest quilt up to date. Hope it's basted well enough, we'll see in the quilting process. We had some thunderstorms moving through while I was working,  but didn't see and hear too much of it because I was listening to the Fellowship of the Ring audiobook. It didn't take as long as I thought it would, I used up almost all of my basting pins. Note to self... need to buy more to baste the log cabin quilt!
I took a  picture of it after I was done, pardon the light conditions because of the above mentioned thunderstorms...

After I was finished I still wanted to keep listening to the book so I decided to get over myself and make the wonky log cabin block for Craftsy BOM May. I took out my box with the scraps from the previous blocks and worked from those. I even ran out of some of the fabrics which is good and bad at the same time :))
Presenting the Wonky log cabin block:

Off to go to bed now, I had a rough night last night with thunder and lightning so I'm hoping to get a good night's rest!

'Til we blog again! :)


  1. Well done on getting the Dresden quilt basted! I hate hate hate basting. But it's a necessary evil isn't it! Looking forward to seeing you you quilt this one :)

  2. Your Dresden plates look great! Windows your wonky log cabin! Did you have a hard time keeping from pinning your area rug to your quilt?? I've rolled up the rug and pinned on my hardwoods being careful not to gouge them. so far so good! Well I'm off to sleep too for the thunder kept me up all night last night too! Keep up the good work!

  3. I love your Dresden Plate quilt. The colours are so beautiful. But I understand your reluctance to baste your quilt; I'm the same. I usually do it on my kitchen island and I don't even stick it down, but just let it hang over the sides. I first layer the top with the batting, then roll it up very straight. After that I just unroll it on top of the backing, also trying to stay straight and pinning as I go. It works pretty well and I don't' have to be on my knees on the floor. Are you going to quilt by hand or by machine? Your wonky log cabin block looks like fun.

  4. Pretty dresden plate quilt, Kati! Hmmm...basting - the most boring part but it has to be done, and I'm sure you're glad that part is over! Look forward to seeing your quilting bit. Your wonky log cabin looks great, by the way.

  5. So sweet dresden plate!! Basting is a bit boring but it is necessary step to make a good looking quilt.
    And your blue wonky log cabin block looks fun. :)
    Looking forward to see your next step.

  6. I LOVE that dresden quilt! It's so sweet and pretty!!!

  7. Pink is my favorite and so are Dresdens! Its quite possibly the perfect quilt!!! :) I am sure its going to quilt very well!
    Ps - too many basting pins is a good thing :) happy shopping!


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