Saturday, June 2, 2012

Small blog meet and the letter "D" finished

I was catching up with my blogs, as usual, and found Lynne's post at Lily's Quilts about a Small Blog Meet linky. Since I still haven't reached the magic 50 I thought I link up my blog to meet some people from blogland who struggle with the same thing. Not that I need a huge number of followers, but it would be nice to get a little more feedback on my blog. And the bigger the numbers, the more comments I'll get. Hopefully! Or should I say the more the merrier? :)) If you've been following my blog you know that I prefer quality over quantity anyways. But it doesn't hurt to meet more people :)
If you have less, than 50 followers and are interested in linking up here's her button:

Lily's Quilts

On the sewing department I finally finished hand appliqueing the letter "D" for my Craftsy BOM for May  khm... April :). It's one of the 2 blocks that we're making, haven't started the second one. Bad me, I know!

Here  it is in it's full glory:

As I said in my last blog, I'm working on a Dresden Plate baby quilt and happy to announce that I'm finished appliqueing all 12 of the plates on the background, yoohooo! It took me all week and I worked on them every day. Yes, sometimes just for a half an hour or a little bit more, but finally it's done. I'm lucky because our meeting with our friends was cancelled due to her bad back and postponed it to next weekend. I'm kind of happy about it because it gives me time to finish the quilt next week and will have time to wash it too. And of course to take a picture before I give it to them. I was worried about that part in particular. I'm hoping for some nice weather for the end of next week so I could take my masterpiece outside for some really nice shots. I was kind of disappointed not to make it to the final 5 at Amy's Blogger's Quilt   Festival, but I think it was because I didn't have an outside shot of my quilt since it was raining when I finished it. Or maybe people didn't like it as much. I got a lot of compliments on it and that's what it counts.

Here's a sneak peak about the plates. I only laid out 4 of them since no more fits on the dining table :) Of course as soon as I started to take the pictures helper cat showed up and refused to leave. UGH!

A close-up on one of the blocks:

He's all comfortable now...

And the "rabbit paws" as I call them!

That's all for now, I"ll be back with the progression!

'Til we blog again! :)


  1. Wow, loving the delicate pinks and the Dresden plate pattern. Think it works particularly on the patterned background which adds much more interest than a plain and yet isn't at all 'in your face' - it all looks so crisp. Dropped by from Lily's Quilts Small Blog Meet to say hi and look forward to seeing more of your work :)

  2. Kati - I've just gone to sign up to follow you and realised that you're Kati that I talk with on my blog and that I'm already a follower! How stupid do I feel now?! Well I'll say it again - I'm loving the Dresden plate quilt and can't wait to see more of it :)

  3. I am still working on my May BOM have not started the April and just cut out the June. I do not have a 4-1/2" square to square up the block not sure how to do it. Love your Dresden Plate and I see your cat does too. I will check out the small blog meet, see you over there.

  4. I guess the Small Blog meet pays off! Nice to find your blog - I love the dresden baby quilt in progress! And I signed up for the Craftsy BOM, but I've only made it through the first two months. Somehow, I've been derailed from "small project" work like that lately. Your hexies reminded me to go back and catch up!

  5. SUPER cute!!! I have a major thing for dresden plates!! They are SO wonderful! Your "D" is fantastic :) LOVE it!

  6. My cat does the exact same thing! I found you via the small blog meet too. Loving your dresdens they are on my to do list.

  7. Love your Dresden plates, they are impressive! And what a wonderful assistant.
    popped over from Lily's quilts

  8. Hi again, Sorry, and I do not wish to interfere, but, The word verification thingy is getting more of a problem, as it tends to make me not comment when I otherwise would. You might get more feedback without it, (or it may not make a difference, of course). If you haven't had a problem with spam, you might try without? especially as you are approving comments anyway??

    Still love your fabric choices there!

  9. Örülök,hogy maradt az eredeti D változat!!!!Nagyon tetszik ezen a nyers színű anyagon!Tökéletes D betű!!!!!Sosem jutott eszembe,hogy hexagonból betűt formázzak.
    És a takaród!Óóóóóó!Mesés!
    Még mindig nehéz cicákat néznem,mert az enyém meghalt sajnos..:(
    Aranyos a tied!:)
    Mi is nyúltappancshoz hasonlítottuk a lábát a Cicónak,hiszen olyan nagy.

  10. Your 'D' block looks fantastic! Love the soft colours of the dresden plate blocks and an excellent job on the hand applique-ing! Can't wait to see it finished... =)

  11. Never thought of making letters for a baby quilt! Great idea!


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