Saturday, April 21, 2012

More fabrics! And some gardening :)

This week I haven't got much sewing done besides the tote bag in my last post. BUT, got two packages in the mail. One  from The Intrepid Thread, the other one from Zippit from Etsy.  I've found a cool 15% off   discount code on Kati's blogpost  From the Blue Chair.  Marion ordered some zippers from them and I went to check out the Etsy shop and was drooling all over :) I  ended up getting some sample packs of 7", 10" and 14" zippers. They are in all the colors of the rainbow, I'm really happy with just looking at them :)
The fabrics look beautiful, I ordered the  ones that were on sale and I'm really happy with the purchase.

The stack as they looked together:

Yes, I got this one again:

And this one too!

I'm in loooove with the swirly pattern on this one!

And this one feels like I'm touching a batik fabric. Fabulous!

And of course the bonus patches:

We also got some Petunias at Home Depot yesterday afternoon and I planted them in our front yard close to  the sidewalk. Fiance went fishing with his friends so I had plenty of time. I  took a picture with my phone so the  quality is not as good as my camera's, forgive me!


  1. Nice flowers. Ours aren't blooming yet, give it another week or so, before our plants in the greenhouse will be fully in bloom. ( ) And check out my blog as well. I do some posts about flowers there also....

  2. I thlovee fabric!!! LOVE the flowers!!!


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