Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Spring is almost here!

I was kind of busy this week, even though my hands are itching to try the newly gifted templates for the double wedding ring pattern. I however started to embroider the label for Lili's flowers. Pictures is coming up later!
Instead, Fiance took some cool shots yesterday which prove that Spring is right around the corner! We had a VERY mild winter, including only 2 snowstorms, 1 last October and the other one in January.

Here are the cool pics, enjoy!


  1. BEAUTIFUL! I've got some dafodills trying to come up :( I hope they don't get too ahead of themselves. ...don't get me wrong, I am no fan of winter :p I just don't want my flowers to get frozen by some blizzard in April ;D ... What double wedding ring template?

    1. Katie from Katie's Quilting Corner was nice enough to send me a brand new Double Wedding Ring template set that She had lying around on her sewing room shelf. Here's the video if You're interested, check it out!
      She sent me the same exact one with the book, it's pretty cool. My cousin is getting married in September so I though I would make him a quilt. Then my friend back home sent me an email that She got married after 2 kids and living together for 12 years and I decided to make her a wall hanging to have a warm-up for the big quilt :)


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