Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fabric purchases

My friend surprised me for my birthday (in January) with a visa card for $50 which I wanted to spend at Purl Soho. When I was going to use the card the guy said it's not working. I told him that it's $50, but for some reason he did not get it and instead of putting the amount in the register and swiping the card again, he just swiped it and it was declined. I called the card company and the automatic system confirmed the $50 balance. Since then I forgot about the card until recently I  found it in my wallet. I was browsing The Intrepid Thread website and laid  my  eyes on some fabrics I planned to buy. I wanted to see if my card was working this time, so I kept playing with the shopping cart until my total came to $49 and change. I've put my information in, and magically it worked! I was so happy. It was on Monday afternoon, today is Thursday and the package arrived. I got all excited and took pictures of it :) (Yes, I'm still like a kid inside when it comes to presents)

It made me feel special with a hand written note by Julie attached to it.

I slowly opened it and I found the stack of fabrics:

And now one-by-one:

Oh, and She even surprised me with two 5" squares which are also delicious!

I just wish I knew which collection they're from. Any idea? Anyone?

Now off I go to finish the 3 fabric baskets I started last night while watching Face-off for the 4th time in the last 4 days :) Every time I sit down to my sewing machine and turn my TV on Face-off is on and I just can't resist! I was sewing until 1:45 waiting for Fiance to get home from fishing. Will post pictures later! Have a sunny day! :)


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