Thursday, March 13, 2014

Star Crown block

Hi Dear Reader,
Welcome back!

I've been away for a little while, working on some things here and there, and also made progress. Unfortunately no pictures, since nothing is finished :( I don't want to bore anybody with posting the same pictures over and over again with very little change.
There's one thing I finished, which is the Star Crown block for November of the Lucky Stars BOM 2013. This is the last block of the year, I mean last year :)
All is left to do is to assemble all of them into a quilt top. It's gonna be interesting to do since I think I want to put sashing around all of them to eliminate the paper and bring them all to the same size. I will lay them out on my design bed and put sashing on every other block. I can't wait to see what it will look like! Right now they're all hanging nicely on hangers on my sewing room door knob :))
Since I don't read directions with paper piecing, I had miss-cut the fabrics and did not reverse some of the units I was supposed to. As a result I got a pinwheel background instead of 4 squares. Oh, well, I will not redo it. For sure :)

The block was supposed to look like this:

And instead, partly because I didn't have a lighter gray fabric, and partly for the mistake, mine came out like this:

I truly like this one, the colors go together so well. I had to dig into my Christmas fabrics to pull the reds out. I store those in a separate box.

I am still working away on my Celtic Solstice top. I have the first 2 borders on, will have to cut the third, green border to attach and the top is done. 

I have so many ideas in my mind, and about 4-5 tops that would need to be basted. I feel like I can't make serious progress because I always want to start something new instead of basting the ones I have. I know once basting is done I can finish it quickly because I'm always excited for the quilting part.

Also still have to make my Spring post card for the swap I signed up for. Lots to do!

'Til we blog again!


  1. I like it best with the pinwheel:-)

  2. I like both versions. Beautiful fabrics!

  3. I think your block turned out great with that pinwheel in the background!

  4. I really like yours. I think it looks better.

  5. I like your pinwheel oopsie!
    I'm working on Celtic Solstice too!
    If you never work from a pattern, why did you buy Dilly Dally? It just tempted you too much?


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