Thursday, January 2, 2014

Celtic Solstice Mystery Quilt progress

Hey Everybody,

Happy New Year!
Have you made your quilty resolutions yet? No? It's okay, I haven't either! I was never the New Years resolution kind myself. On the other hand I'd like to get some things done this year, which I think will go in another blog post. Right now I set down to give an update on my progress on the Celtic Solstice Mystery quilt I'm making hosted by Bonnie Hunter @Quiltville.
It all started with me being behind. That seems to be the situation lately a lot. Does that make any sense? 
So this means I didn't start in time because I was too busy to get things done for Christmas and last December was a little more work than I anticipated. On the upside I've been home for Christmas break since the 20th and now that the Holidays are done I have time to sew!
I picked out my fabrics which are following Bonnie's suggestions:

My greens:





I started to work on part 1 which involved to use the Tri-rex rulers. Have you used those? I had a fun time cutting even though it's not my favorite in the quilting process. My first time using the rulers which was pretty interesting. I had to figure out exactly how to position the ruler to get the point and the sides in line exactly. I worked it out after a few tries so here are my finished units for Step 1:

The second step was making chevrons. We were using the method of sewing the seam on the right side of the marked line to be sure the flipped triangle will be big enough which resulted in having to trim. In the trimming process with the first half I didn't pay attention to leave the background green part and only trim the white triangles so at the end my points don't exactly match up, but guess what? I will not start making them all over again because they took stinking forever to make!
Here they are all trimmed (Step 2):

I'm on part 3 in which were're making half square triangles out of yellow and orange fabrics. I'll post pictures of those when I'm done.

That's all for now, I better get back to sewing because Bonnie has the reveal out which I don't want to see until I'm all caught up!

'Til we blog again! :)


  1. Such vibrant colors! This will be a stunning quilt!

  2. I love the colors you chose, Kati. I can't wait to see your progress.

  3. Love your bright colors,and I would not be remaking the blocks either! (especially since they took so long to make the first time) Looking forward to seeing the next steps.


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