Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Inspirations and food

While I was away from the blog I kind of didn't feel like sewing, but was reading instead. I made progress on my Game of Thrones series (still on book 4, but hit 65% which is a big step) and read Between Heaven and Texas by Marie Bostwick. I really loved the book, it made me cry several times. I mostly read at home so it was not a problem. At least the kitties didn't complain :))) It had such a huge impact on me that days later I was still thinking about it.

I made a new recipe for Memorial Day weekend, it's a cheddar-chive scone, recipe provided by epicurious.com. (What you can see on the picture is 1 batch.)

It is a super easy recipe to make, I made a double batch, taking half to the party, and left half of it at home. I even put some in the freezer, they freeze very well. The salad on the left is called Fiesta quinoa salad. If you need the recipe for that let me know and I can email it to you.

I also whipped up a shopping bag from plain duck cloth and thinking about decorating it with some embroidery. I went to the local quilt show a month ago and saw a quilt that I'm still thinking about. It had a nice pattern with lazy daisy stitches (?) and I really liked that. Here's what it looked like:

And the bag itself:

Last weekend we visited the Flea Market which we decided will do regularly, and I mean about once a month. It was the hottest day of the season with a whopping 91F for the highest so we finished fairly quickly. No worries, I was wearing plenty of sunscreen and didn't get any sunburn. Regretted not wearing a baseball cap at least, but there's always next time, right? 
There were a few things we looked at, and right at the beginning I found and African person selling African textiles and my Fiance pointed out he had wooden stamps. I was pumped. He wanted $5 for each, or $20 for 5 of them which option I took. I started to dig into the basket and my hands were black by the time I made up my mind. There were so many to chose from and I tried to limit my selection to the ones that were not damaged at the carvings. 

I selected these and I'm really pleased with my choice:

I also spotted a marvelous embroidered sun umbrella at a booth which about took my breath away. Fiance was kind of ahead of me already, but I just had to stop to snap a picture from up-close and personal :) I only had my phone, but I think it gives back the inspiration that I just had with all the colors and texture.
Isn't it stunning? The only mistake I made was not asking for the price. Maybe next time it'll still be there! There's always hope...

My sewing room needs a serious clean up because I just can't get myself working on anything right now. I wrote down my project on post-it notes and stuck it on the box in front of me so I can see them every day when I sit down to my computer. I need to start working on stuff to get them done so I can do the things I want to do. Hard isn't it?

I'm saying goodbye for now and I'll be blogging soon with updates. Hopefully :))

'Til we blog again! :)


  1. I'm in a sewing funk right now as well, we all have our down time . Just like the seasons , if it were perfect weather all the time we would not appreciate the good times . Life has highs, lows, twists and turns and I wouldn't have it any other way.

    (Love that umbrella) tote bag embellishments inspiration ?

  2. What a wonderful umbrella! Really lovely. And your scones look yummy. I've never had savory scones, only the sweet kind.
    I'm sure your sewing mojo will come back eventually; it always does, doesn't it? Maybe after you've cleaned up your sewing room, it will return. That's what normally happens to me.

  3. (Third time's the charm) I have often found that cleaning my sewing room is the secret to getting my mojo back. Reminding myself of projects that got buried, pondering the next steps on projects as I straighten them up and get them in order again. And the clean slate thing is great! Your mojo will indeed return! I love love love the African stamps. Care to share, LOL? And I'll hope that umbrella is still there for you next time! Sandy H

  4. That umbrella is fabulous!!! Love the stamps too. What will you do with them? Those would be great for creating batiks.
    The scones look yummy. I'd love the recipe.
    Your mojo will come back. Sometimes we all just need a break until something exciting comes along.

  5. Hello my friend :) I would love for you to share the recipe with me,one of my favorite scone recipes is sunflower seed & cornmeal. Personally more of an savory girl,than a sweets girl. Those stamps are really great,love the last one the best,are you going to use them for stamping embroidery designs? That umbrella pure eye candy!

  6. I have seen these umbrellas in one of the countries we traveled, but I can't remember if it was in India or Nepal. They also caught my eye and I wanted to take one home, but I remember thinking it wouldn't fit in my suitcase. Your scones look delicious, I'm sure they were a hit. Glad to have you back ;)!!!


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