Sunday, February 10, 2013

Basting done, Nemo pictures

Hi  Everyone,
I've been away from the blog because I don't have much quilting progress to report. Except that I'm still on Easy Street, have all my patches done and finished sewing all my "B" blocks together. I  still have to make 7 "A" blocks, and 3 set-in triangles. Sigh... I'll get it done eventually. Right now I decided to take a short break.
This weekend while we had Winter Storm Nemo howling through dumping 15 inches of snow on  us I finished basting my Baby Boy  Blue quilt tops. Yes, both of them! I only have phone pictures, but they'll have to do for now. By the time I was finished I ran out of safety pins. I'm not gonna say I had just enough because I could've used a few more for safety, but it's alright.

While I was basting the boyz were hanging out on the futon next to me. Guess what were they doing...

As some of you  know yesterday we went for a hike in the afternoon with a goal of taking some pictures of the sunset from the top of a hill that's about 3 miles from our house. It never occurred to me that the snow will be knee deep (we got 15 inches of it, hello?) and only had sweat pants and an ankle high pair of boots on with ankle socks. Clever, isn't it? By the time we got half way up the hill my ankle was frozen from all the snow and so was my shin. I just couldn't feel my legs! So we turned back and marched home defeated. I have to mention that it was almost 5:30 and we were late for the 5:23 sunset anyway. I saw no point of continuing.

We took the kitties outside this morning and have some pictures of them enjoying the snow too :)

Looking for trouble!

He's a nice size kitty and the snow is still above him

His Royalness is so serious!

Notice that he's sitting on TOP of the snow!

The 3 brothers from left to right: Grumpy, Gandalf, and Furry. They have the same mother as Sleepy.

Attention, the snowball is in the air! :)

In the afternoon we went out to the park to look around and decided to take the hike again with the modification of taking the car up  to the park and just climb the hill which was about half a mile long. I was still sore from yesterday and was really glad Fiance decided to drive there this time. I was still having a hard time trying to balance to step into his footsteps to get the least amount of snow in my boots as possible. It was fascinating that no one, but us were there since last night.

The ducks were having a blast at the park:

Someone went cross-country skiing:

The  view from top of the hill:

Cool ripples made by the wind:

Love the way the sky looks!

Now I think I'm done for the day :)
I'll be back with the questions answered part 2, but right now I can't even think straight.

'Til we blog again!


  1. Oh how I envy you all the lovely snow ;)! It looks so beautiful, doesn't it? And your Kitties are enjoying it too it seems.
    I love both your Baby Boy Blue tops. How are you going to quilt them? By machine or hand?

  2. Love the quilt, love your photos and loooovvvveee your cats x

  3. I love the color combination that you used:)))

  4. I just love your quilts. Great pictures of your snow storm.

  5. I just love your quilts. Great pictures of your snow storm.

  6. Your cats "weather" the snow a lot better than my cats! My cats are strictly indoor and we had a couple of inches, and when they ran out the door, they ran right back in and were licking their paws until they were satisfied all the offensive cold, wet snow was off of their paws! LOL I loved your pictures!

  7. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos! You have very attractive cats!

  8. The quilts are beautiful! .....and so are the cats :) Glad you survived the storm!

  9. Great job on getting both quilts all basted,they look beautiful already! Also thank you for sharing all the lovely snow photos,they take the breath away :0) Sorry to hear about your not so fun hike,but glad that you were able to get to the top of the hill anyway! The kitties look to have had a great time playing in the snow!

  10. So beautiful quilts. And your cats are so lovely and cute.

    Grit from Germany


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