Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Craftsy BOM September one block done and Monkey Quilt dilemma

Hi everyone,
I'm glad you're back! If you're a new reader, welcome!
I finished another Craftsy block yesterday, this one was for September. I was really looking forward to the curved pieced blocks, but then when I had to sew them I wasn't as enthusiast as I expected. I was so excited in the beginning because I wanted to try my curve master foot which I bought a few months ago, but never tested. I have to say that I'm not impressed at all. The videos I watched about it made it look so easy! Yet when I got to sew the curves the fabrics moved away from the edge resulting in a too narrow seam allowance. They didn't  butt up against the foot's edge. I decided to ditch the foot and follow Amy's method of making the units. That resulted in about  an hour of pinning of the 16 curves and then sewing and re-sewing most of them to get a narrower seam allowance. All in all I can tell it will not be my go-to block for sure :) I'm trying to find excuses already how to avoid making the second block for September which is basically the same technique, same amount of squares, but in a different arrangement. I'll probably get to it once I get over myself :)
I took a picture of the block I finished, a little different than Amy's, but the same concept.

Doesn't it look like a pretty flower? I love this look! When I started to arrange the squares they reminded me of Mickey Mouse :)
This weekend I'll be probably working on piecing the back for this Monkey Quilt:

Yes, as  I looked at the picture I realized I could've arranged the squares so the polka dot 4 patches would face the same direction, but guess what? I will not take this quilt top apart! I am thinking if I should put a border on it? What do you think?
I'm linking up to WIP Wednesday @ Freshly pieced
I'll be signing off now because I just can't keep my eyes open :)

'Til we blog again! :)


  1. Your craftsy block looks great,and I need to catch up. I have never heard of a Monkey Quilt, did you name it or is it a pattern? I love the color.

  2. You did very well with your curved seams. The block looks amazing. And the monkey quilt looks great too and I had to look really hard to find the "mistake". No, don't take it apart, it's not obvious at all, I actually quite like it this way.

  3. Hey YOU :) I love your curved block :) I am guessing that you think I am MUCh cooler now after making that curved pieced block? ;D I'm so glad I didn't bother to get the foot. sounds like a total bummer :( I LOVE the quilt. How big is it? I say no border, but I am not a super heavy border girl.
    Nice work, Sweets! xo

  4. Great block and I think you've done a fantastic job with your curve piecing. That quilt looks fabulous too! =)

  5. It looks great! I don't think it really needs a border, unless you just want to make it bigger. I would definitely use brown though if you do. It took me a minute to see what the "problem" was, but I would have never noticed if you had not said anything.

  6. Wow! I'm impressed! I've yet to make my 2nd hexi block, my 2nd Dresden, and both star blocks, and here you are making September's curves! it looks great!

  7. Whoops... hit publish too fast. :)
    I' defense I have made 45 Hexy flowers for Fat Quartely's Hexy MF QAL. :)

  8. Love it even with the mixed up blocks. Adds more interest in a way. And I vote for no borders.

  9. Your scrappy log cabin is just beautiful! I've made a few scrappy log cabins... Back before blogging with no photos to show. Thanks for sharing yours and congrats on a great finish!

  10. Ah Kati, dreaded curves. When I made my Drunkard's Path quilt I swore I'd never make curve blocks again - not difficult but too time consuming and I wasn't that fussed for the effect. I did become quite adept at it and got it down to only 3 pins in the end but couldn't have done it without 'that purple thang' which I used to hold the fabrics much closer to the needle and end of the fabric than I can get my fingers. I do think though that you've done a great job and I really like the block (maybe I'll give curves another go one day after all!

    The monkey quilt is fab - loving the colourway and I too had to look for a few moments to spot your 'mistake' and wouldn't have spotted it at all if you hadn't pointed it out. I also agree with everyone else - no borders, if you need to extend maybe do more blocks - but right now it looks so modern and I think the borders will take away from that a bit. :)

  11. I actually like the pink as is, without the border. If you want it larger, you could always add another row!


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