Friday, June 8, 2012

Sashing dilemma and another block done!

It's been such a nice weather in the last few days! I love the smell of the cut grass in the neighborhood while I go walking or running. It  inspired me to finally get over myself and get down to make the itty-bitty templates for the next hexagon block for the Craftsy BOM project. I have to realize that I love those blue fabrics. 
This time I used a different technique for the starching. With the other block I just took out the plastic and starched the hexagons and let them dry overnight. This time I left the plastic in while starching and set my iron to nylon setting, then put a scrap fabric on top and ironed them until they dried. It worked beautifully! At the end I just took the plastic templates out and pressed the hexies again to make sure they're all dry at the seams. Then I just had to pin them on the background and applique them on. I had to use 3 different color threads so the stitches don't show.

Now I proudly present my Sunny with a chance of hex block:

Of course I had to alter the pattern since it called for a green stripe on the bottom. I'm making a blue and white quilt and I don't think it would look good with the  green "grass" wanna-be so I just skipped that part! Surprised? :))

I'm still working on the Dresden quilt and can't decide if I should do white sashing with pink corners, or pink sashing with white corners... ideas? I will definitely do pink border with the 3D pinwheel cornerstones. I just don't know if it would be too much pink if I did pink sashing, on the other hand I would like the look of the floating plates on the white background. Sashing, no sashing, and if sashing, what color? Decisions, decisions... :) 

'Til we blog again! :)


  1. Lovely block! I would probably use white sashings for the dresden plate quilt. It gives the clean, crisp look that allows the dresden plates to shine! Have a great weekend!

  2. I like dresdens with pretty much all white as much as possible. They look WONDERFUL!!!

  3. I think pink sashing with white corners would look nice.

  4. I would consider a light yellow for the sashing or border. I love pink and yellow!

  5. I have a trick to "try out" various sashings. Open out the candidates and put them under some of the blocks. You can either lay out several choices with the blocks on top, or take quick photos of the choices, and look and decide at leisure.

  6. Kati it's such a hard call without seeing the fabrics working together first-hand. I agree with Catskill Quilter to try out a few options and take photos and see which photo you prefer - I find looking at photos of my choices makes many decisions really obvious to me. Loving how it looks and can't wait to see the top sheet finished :)


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