Friday, January 27, 2012

Let's get started!

It was a cold, snowy day in the Northeast.

What is a girl to do? Dishes of course! And then came my Aha! moment. I've been thinking about starting a blog for a while, but I could never find the perfect name for it. Or at least a name I would like... until now :) I came up with a name and told Fiance about it and he immediately came up with 3 different ones which would have been better. I was thinking about it and realized it was too negative (instead of catchy) so I just registered this same old blog name.

I learned to quilt watching Simply Quilts, haven't taken any lessons in quilt making. Except one in machine quilting with Debby Brown @ last October, that was my first class ever (and have to say I LOVED IT!). I like to make traditional quilts and until Today my finished quilts are all baby sizes. I know, I know, I have some machine and hand pieced tops that are queen and twin sizes waiting to be  quilted. Just started to explore new techniques, for example making chenille, and I made my first ever pieced border on a baby quilt Yesterday. Yaaay! :)

I wanted to get into blogging hoping to get a little more inspired to finish the things that are in my sewing room begging to be finished. Santa was good to me and  brought me a Singer 201 sewing machine to help me get out of the hole that I was stuck  in and kicked me in the behind to get off my butt and quilt those quilt tops. Here's my beauty:

We'll see how it goes, I'll keep you posted with pics. Hope You'll join  me on my journey to explore more techniques that are out there and keep making those quilts in different styles and sizes.

Come to visit again! :)


  1. Oh your Singer 201 is pretty! I love mine and use it regularly.

  2. Thanks, I love it! Just started to break it in yesterday and Today I got some more fabrics to practice on :)

  3. And I loved having you there too! Keep quilting


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