Monday, March 19, 2012

Easter baskets.... DONE!

After an afternoon of sewing I can finally cross the first finish off my list of to-do's. I was eager to  just get over these fabric baskets that I made for the kids we're having over for Easter. I'll put some grass and chocolate in them to make them even more fun :) Fiance convinced me that it's a good enough size to gather some eggs in them on the Easter egg hunt so I didn't change the sizes.

These 2 are for the boyZ:

And these are for the 3 girlZ:

My helper #1 has managed to squeeze himself in the smallest plastic he could find empty... :)

I think I'll need some butter to get him outta there! :D


  1. Those are so darling! The kids will love them! I may have to make some for my kiddos!

  2. Those baskets are adorable and I love the fabrics! Makes me wish I had some eggs to hunt!

  3. Thee baskets are really cute! Be glad the kitty didnt sleep in the baskets. would probably leave hair to stick to the candy :) hope you got him out of the tub. LOL

  4. cute baskets! I'm going to have to add an Easter basket to my to-do list now - filling up one for my goddaughter would be so much fun :)


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