Saturday, March 17, 2012

Cute Easter basket, first try

I've been itching all week to get to my sewing room and get something done from my list to be made and post it on the blog. I  was searching equally on blogs and Pinterest to find a cute Easter basket tutorial. I've found several, some of them were really cute ones! I decided to go with this tutorial. It's from 2008 which I only noticed at the end when I had a question. I just  couldn't get the handle instructions right so I made it my way. As usual :) Also I  changed a pattern a little bit and only did 1 handle instead of 2. I think  it came out pretty nice! The next one I'll make will be either twice as big, or 1.5x. I think this is on the small side. I had a VERY hard time turning the whole thing inside out through the 2"opening with the fleece and everything. Poor basket wrinkled up considerably. I had to press it when I was done to take the photos. Also I think I'll put some stabilizer to stiffen it up a little.

With making this basket it was my first time:

  • making a bag of any kind
  • making a handle
  • boxing corners
All in all I'm happy the way it turned out. If you need a tutorial for a cute Easter basket, check it out!

Finally some pictures of the finished product, enjoy!


  1. SUPER darling! I LOVE it! Who are they for?

    1. We're hosting Easter again and I have a couple of friends with kids. I want to make 5 baskets for them. I think I'll give this one to the baby who's 9 months old.She doesn't need to collect that many eggs yet, but I think the others deserve bigger ones :)

  2. do you have a pattern for those you can share or could you tell me where i could find one. i need to make 2 this year for my grandchildren so i am scrambling for a pattern. thanks

  3. How long did it take you. It will also be my first time making a bag, handle and boxing corners.

  4. How long did this take? This will also be my first time doing all three as well.

  5. How long did it take you. It will also be my first time making a bag, handle and boxing corners.


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