Friday, July 27, 2012

Kindle covers

Hi, I'm so glad you're back! :) If not, then welcome! :) 
In my absence I managed to whip up a couple of zipped kindle covers as presents to send them away as gifts. First came the frustration when I tried to quilt them before assembly and my sewing machine refused to cooperate. It was shredding the tread first when I used Coats and Clark. Since I know it's not the top brand that would be everybody's first choice  I switched to Superior thread variegated, but still had the same problem. And besides the thread breaks I had skipped stitches. I have to mention that I was free motion quilting with the feed dogs down and stitch length set to 0. My half-front looked like this:

Yes, it's orange... since I didn't grow up with Halloween, I like orange. A lot! So does my stepson's mother who it is for. Yes, I'm nice enough to sew for her, She's kind of nice. 
Frustrations were building up with the skipped stitches, I started to question myself. I didn't really understand what's going on, I just finished a baby quilt on this machine without any problems. I researched what could cause the skipping and it was kind of obvious that I needed to change the needle. Check. It was still skipping and breaking the thread. After trying on 3 different parts of the cover I just gave up and wound bobbins for my other Singer and started to work on the projects. I wasted probably a good 3 hours. I thought I could be finished by then. WRONG! :)
In the beginning I decided on the quilting because I was catching up on Leah Day's Free Motion Quilt Along videos (at  least the watching part). I really wanted to try the sharp stippling and the circuit board techniques. I think my frustration with the machine is understandable, right?
Anyway... I sewed them and they were the perfect size and that made me very happy. I was using this Youtube video tutorial. It's really easy and I think She explains things very well. They came out pretty nice, I was happy with the result. Hope the recipients will like it too!

Side 1 with sharp stippling:
Lined zipped pouch for kindle

Side 2 with circuit board:

Inside is one of my favorite fabrics:

Side 1 with  sharp stippling:

Sice 2 with  regular stippling:
Lined zipper pouch for kindle


I actually messed up because I wanted to sew this floral fabric to the inside of the other one, but I think it even looks better this way. There's always a reason!

I'm linking up to Fabric Tuesdays @ Quilt Story.

'Til we blog again! :)


  1. What great gifts! Did you ever find out what was causing the problem in your machine? Your quilting looks great. I hate when machines act up. It's so annoying!

  2. Have never been an orange girl,however recently have been trying to get out of my color rut,and have used orange several times :) Love both of the Kindle covers,sure the recipients will too.

  3. Lovely gifts there,Kati! Beautiful quilting work too! Sorry to hear about your encounters of thread breaking numerous times! FMQ sounds challenging!

  4. They look absolutely gorgeous. Really nice gifts...
    Your FMQ is very good. Hope you sorted out your stitch problem...there is really nothing more frustrating. Could really be due to a number of things - lint build up, needle not the right size for the weight of the yarn, the threading of the machine...and so the list goes on. It really is just a matter of going through every single thing.

  5. Thread tension is so frustrating to try and toubleshoot! They look great, though!

  6. I agree these Kindle covers are very fascinating and can be considered the best item for presenting as gifts to the special one on special occasions.

  7. They look gorgeous. Lovely fabrics and your quilting is beautiful!!!

  8. I agree kindle covers uk with zip have become the choice of every Kindle user. The reasons are the economical rates and easy to carry feature.


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