Friday, August 10, 2012

More Zentangle pics, paper pieced Friendship block testing

Hello to you dear  readers,
With all that  heat here I didn't get much sewing done in the last few days since there's no cooling in  my sewing room. I was thinking about getting a portable one, but realized our electric system would not be able to handle it. We live in an older house with only 3  fuses for our apartment (we're renting) and don't have the option to update.
Instead I was drawing in the office with the A/C on :) I really enjoy making the Zentangle designs and thinking about getting more books to learn to draw even more. I was never a strong drawer in school, but I know my Mom can sketch really well. Once She sketched a picture of my baby sister sleeping and it totally looked like her.  It's interesting because I always liked to color as I can remember. Painting was not my cup of tea since I don't like to get my hands dirty.... All right, except  when baking. 
The other day we were at the playground with my friend who's daughter is 1 and went to the sand box. I realized that I have no memories with sandboxes. Guess I didn't like playing in the sand when I was a kid. Maybe something to do with no dirt on my hands? Who knows... And for the record, I use gloves for gardening. :)
Below presented  the masterpieces I created :)




Another topic...I've been chatting with a few people back and forth  through blogland. I really enjoy meeting other quilters. I happened to  meet Kristy from Australia who blogs at Quiet Play. She's really into paper piecing and have been designing some awesome new patterns. She also has a blog hop with paper pieced block projects for your  orphan blocks. 

 Practically Paper Piecing

The block I tested for her is the Friendship block, it measures 4"x6". She's planning to publish the free pattern in her September blog post. If you like my version keep an eye  out for her! She designed the block in solid colors, but I didn't have any  blue solids on hand so I used my scraps. It needs little pieces, this  way I could use up my smaller scraps.

This is what it looks like:

Friendship  knot paper  pieced block

I should've used blue thread since the stitches show  with white. Now that I looked at it just realized the I messed up in the middle. I used light blue fabric instead of dark blue. Arrrrgh! I am definitely not going to take it apart :))) Guess I payed  more attention to matching the seams than the fabric placement. Never mind :)
I'll be back a little later with my Craftsy  BOM for August, they're still in the works.

'Til we blog again! :)


  1. Your friendship block is beautiful......and I'm in awe of your black and white designs! They would make stunning fabric!

  2. Loving the zentangles! What's the plan for them now?

    And you know I love how you did the friendship block! It looks so great!

  3. Your zentangle sketches are flippin awesome :) I don't see any mistake in the block,just a pretty block!

  4. Super cool z things :) you block is awesome! Mistakes are good luck ;) I have got to try paper piecing some day!

  5. Beautiful zentangles and your friendship block is lovely - wouldn't have known there's a mistake if you didn't point it out - it looks great all the same!

  6. Love the zentangles - I'm so into sketching but I haven't done much the last 12 months since quilting took over my life ;) That friendship block is a smasher, I've followed Kristy work for a while so I'll keep an eye out for this pattern :)


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