Saturday, July 14, 2012

Chilling in Vermont

I haven't got too much sewing done lately, but I wanted to share our next to last trip's (WARNING: LOTS OF!) pictures which were taken in Vermont. We spent roughly 4 hours in the car each way, so I could listen to some podcasts while adoring the view. We took the back roads through the little towns instead of the highway and it was well worth it. The towns we passed are gorgeous, it was nice to smell the cut grass and see the cows and horses on the luscious fields. It was surprising though that the rivers/creeks had very little water, we could see the huge rocks on the bottom instead of rushing waters.
We picked weekdays since all of us were on vacation and didn't want to deal with the weekend crowds. Left our house on Monday around 10 AM and arrived at Mt. Snow in the early afternoon. We  were  planning to do some hiking and relaxing :) As it turned out we were the only guests in a 14-room inn and we could even convince the innkeeper lady to upgrade our reservation to a mountain/lake view room free of charge. Not bad!

Wednesday we'd set out to explore the hills of Mount Snow. With the 2 boys' enthusiasm we picked the challenging trail which was the second hardest out of all of them to get to the top. We left from the Grand Summit Lodge and started hiking in a good pace.

Half way to the top:

In the last 1/4 of the way we met some really nasty mosquitoes and black flies and at one point I had to put my hoodie on to prevent mosquito bites. The weather was sunny with a few clouds in the upper 80-s.

Finally we got to the top in about an hour and a half and the view was gorgeous:

We had lunch on the Summit Lodge's deck since the lodge itself was closed for the summer.

I had dirt in my shoe, my socks, and up to my knees. I felt like a pig...

Part of downhill we took the mountain bikers' trail and were just running down because it seemed a lot easier than trying to keep our balance on the rocky road. We made the whole trip in 4 hours with shaky legs and very thirsty. :) Apparently our water supply was just not enough.

After we got back to the hotel we relaxed a little and decided to go for a ride around the area. There's a very nice National Forest and that's where we headed. The views were spectacular.

Can you tell how clean the water is?

We saw some of these too:

The next day we went to check out Grout Pond:

We even found a hand well which I forgot to take a picture of...
The boys gathered some firewood so we could build a fire back at the inn and gaze at the beautiful stars. 

We started right after sunset:

When it was time to put new logs on the fire the sparks just flew all over:
 I love this picture, it looks like an abstract art piece.

And the breath-taking Milky Way:

On our way home we wanted to stop at the Battle Monument in Bennington. We went there 2 years ago, but it was in March and they don't open until the middle of April.

We were up 20 stories high:

View from the top of the monument:

There was an absolutely gorgeously painted moose:

We found a very nice farm in Massachusetts next to the road where you could pick your own blueberries.
They were nice and  plump (phone picture, not so good):

We picked this much (6 pints to be exact):

We got home around 4 o'clock, the kitties were over the moon to see us :))

On Friday to keep busy, Fiance insisted to go wild raspberry picking and to make some jam in the evening. There's not a dull moment at our house!

They weighed about 10 lbs when  they were all done :

I didn't go picking, instead had to put away all the stuff from the trip and prepare the jars for the jam. We forgot to count how many we made, but around 20 8 oz. jars and 3-4 15 oz.

Now I'll have to get my Tuesday blogpost ready since we'll be away again (UGH) and I can't miss that.
Hope You'll like the pictures and it wasn't too boring :)

'Til we blog again! :)


  1. Your vocation pictures are wonderful, I feel that I am there with you. You took some great shots.

  2. How FUN!!! That was a GREAT post :) ...and by the way I LOVE TO MAKE JAM!! It is SO much fun and feels SO good to have all of those pretty jars in their rows! to go mop the kitchen floor :p

  3. Beautiful place to visit, I love the mountains.


  4. Vermont is beautiful. And those berries, I am so jealous!

  5. Just found your blog.... I always wanted to visit Vermont .. closest I ever got was driving through to get to Maine... Loved your quilting blocks in earlier... blue is my favorite color. Will be back soon.

    Nonnie's Quilting Dreams-

  6. Just hopping over on the blog hop and I'm glad I did - these photos are AMAZING! I have never seen the Milky Way because of the light pollution here so your picture has just blown my little mind. Vermont looks completely beautiful.

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