Friday, April 5, 2013

Second Quarter FAL 2013 goals

she can quilt

As the first quarter finish along is wrapping up I have to post my second quarter goals.

First and foremost is my second blue&white baby quilt which I named N Blu at the almost finished stage. I've been working on the quilting, but pulled a muscle in my forearm and had to take a break for a few days. Otherwise it would've been finished by the end of March. Too bad :( But on a higher note this will be my fastest first finish in a quarter for sure :)

I keep working on the monkey quilt, top is done, back is half pieced.

After that's done I need to keep marching down on Easy Street. When I laid it out at my friend's  house on the floor I realized that it's simply humongous. I deserve it. And will definitely deserve to feel relieved when it'll be done. Can't wait! It's in a more advanced stage than the picture shows, but I'm at home now and don't have a big enough floor space to spread it out and take a photo. Bummer... the missing blocks are  obvious :)

I still have my Christmas quilt to finished to which I saw a really cool technique at the end of Leah Day's Craftsy class so I will be using her method for sure to put the quilt together.

I haven't done anything with these squares:

My bag is still without lining and handle... :) Maybe I should do that first for a quick finish!

I will not list the roses since I know I will not get  to them. I want to start Kimberly Einmo's mystery Craftsy class in the mean time, plus there's the double wedding ring quilt needing to be started... LOL, right? :)

That's all for my goals, hoping to finish even more than I did in the last quarter!

'Til we blog again! :)


  1. You have so many nice projects in the works! I can't wait to see them finished. Hope your arm feels better soon!

  2. Lots of pretty projects!! Ive learned to.keep quiet on what I say I will do. I've got less then 2 weeks to sandwich and quilt 3 quilts, and next weekend my daughter is playing in a 3 day volleyball tournament at the Dallas convention center! Ugh! I'm running out of time...

  3. Oh my! Those are all so beautiful :) I bet you are on pins and needles to finish the Easy Street! I vote for the bag finish first,then you can use it and show it off around town ;)

  4. So many projects Kati and all gorgeous. I can't believe how perfectly lined up your basting pins are, mine never look like that!!! :)


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