Friday, April 5, 2013

N Blu

Hey Everybody,
I'm glad you're back! I have good news! I finished  the second Craftsy BOM baby quilt. Yippeeee!
After having HELL with the previous one  I decided that I had to take action. Originally I had my vintage Singer 201 set up for FMQ-ing only, dropped the feed dogs and installed the darning foot on it as soon as I bought it a year ago. I remembered that dropping the feed dogs involved some kind of screwing, but didn't remember how. I looked it up in the manual and realized it  was quiet easy to do. So I raised the feed dogs back up and installed the second walking foot I bought for this machine and decided to stitch in the  ditch around the blocks. I also changed threads and matched the thread color to the fabrics. With that said I ended up re-threading the machine with every single block, but I didn't mind.  In her Craftsy free motion quilting a sampler class Leah Day suggested to use  Isacord polyester thread so I gave it a try. I only ordered white and blue, the 2 colors I wanted to use in this quilt. Bingo! It quilted beautifully, never broke and didn't have any problem with it whatsoever.
I also tried out the suggested Supreme Slider for the first time. When I begin free motion quilting with it someone asked me on Twitter if it makes a difference and I wasn't sure. But then at the end I  had to change bobbin and I only had a  little bit of quilting left so I didn't put the slider back on the machine and I felt the difference. I'm glad I used it because quilting was a lot easier with it. I taped it down as Leah suggested in her class and it was a breeze to quilt with.
I went pretty much with her suggestion for quilting, except for the wonky log cabin block where She quilted a giganto spiral and I decided to do concentric circles instead. I designed a very cool quilt in EQ7 and want to quilt that one with the concentric circles and wanted to try out how it works. I just got a jar lid and drew the first circle in the middle, than a bigger jar lid and drew a second circle, after that I pretty much had to eyeball it :) It came out fine with  a few corners in the beginning, but it's OK. It's not a show quilt anyways :) Again my Crayola washable markers didn't disappoint. They came out with very little washing with no problem.
Originally I wanted to finish this quilt by March  31 so I could link it  up in the First Quarter FAL 2013, but I had so much help from my kitties that I had to postpone the deadline. This way it became my very first finish for the Second Quarter FAL! I don't think I've ever finished anything this fast in the FAL, haha!

I wanted to take pictures outside, but in the shade there's not enough light and the whole background looks blue instead of white. I was forced to take the photos in our bedroom. Boohoo.



Close-up of  each block:

And the daffodils finally opened outside!


  1. You put a great deal of thought and work into this, Kati, and it really shows. Thank you for sharing the process here and on twitter, and sharing what did and didn't work.

  2. Thank you for sharing our process, Kati, here and on twitter. It's good of you to share tps, what did and didn't work, etc. You put a great deal of thought and work into this quilt, and it shows!

  3. Wow, your quilt is so amazing. I love blue so much.

    Grit from Germany

  4. Wow! that's one beautiful quilt. I love all your different FMQ designs too.
    It was really clever to use the hexagons to for N.

  5. Fabulous Kati, my favourite section is the flying geese with the swirls around them and I really like how that section looks on the back of the quilt. Another wonderful fmq finish :)

  6. Hello Kati,

    Beautiful quilt, and great to see someone else using a vintage machine for FMQ. I use a Singer 15K treadle, with my cheap version of the supreme slider, clingfilm. Works a treat.

    Love from England,

  7. Kati, this turned out so pretty! Great quilting! I love hearing about the jar lids. They are standard equipment in my studio.

  8. Kati, your quilting is wonderful! I love that you used jar lids. They are standard equipment in my studio.


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