Friday, May 11, 2012

One more block done

I had a looooong day!  I've been up since 4 AM because a "staaaarving"  kitty woke me up. After that I just couldn't go back to sleep. I was out all day and only got home around 6:30.
After 8 I went to my sewing room, watched Game of Thrones and The Recruit and I was cutting out the pieces needed for the next block for my Craftsy BOM February block. It  came out pretty nice, I only had to rip one seam that I wasn't satisfied with, but had to do that one 3x :) My obsessive points just HAVE to match. Period. :)

Chunky Chevron block:

I am going to a longarm quilting class with Debby Brown tomorrow to one of the quilt shops that are still in business in our area. My favorite one closed down unfortunately :( BUT! This shop (called the Quilt Basket) just started to rent their long arm machine for quilting. I would love to try one of my big quilts out on a longarm to see how they turn out. Now with the opportunity maybe I will :) I've been hunting places to rent a longarm for years and when I found a place where they did it by the time I had my quilt top together  they closed down. My luck! Unfortunately we don't have room for a huge machine in our apartment so purchasing is out of the question.
I also signed up to Stitched in Color Rachel's hand stitching class which I'm pretty excited about. She has a $10 off discount if you register through May 16. I chose the premium class. I love hand stitching and used to embroider when I was a teenager, my Grandma still has my works  with bleeding threads and all :) If you're interested in handwork I recommend to check it out!
That's it for now, I'm gonna go to have a rest and hope to not be  woken at 4AM again... Seriously!!
Till we quilt again :)


  1. You watch Game of Thrones too, I love that show. I have to finish my April BOM and start on the the May hopefully this week end while I trying to finish off a Mother's Day quilt for a co-work. Your Chunky Chevron block looks great.

  2. Love your Chunky Chevron block and the fabrics used. It's gonna turn out fabulous! Fyi, I've signed up for the handstitched premium class too and can't wait for it to begin. Hope you're well rested and have a great weekend =)

  3. I love your blocks!!! The are going to be awesome together!!!


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