Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Making hexies tutorial

After finishing my Spider Web block last night I started my hexies for the April blocks. The video has suggestions for the English paper piecing method, but I kind of don't want to take the extra step to remove all the basting so decided to make them my way. Surprised? :)
I've collected round plastic things (e.g. sour cream and cream cheese tops, Chinese takeout tops, etc.)  and traced the template on them. After cutting them out I punched a hole in each with my hole punch. I took the fabrics I wanted to use (needed 13 of them) and pinned the templates on the wrong side, trimming the fabric down leaving about a 1/4 inch seam allowance.

They looked like this when I was done:
How to make quilted hexagons

Next step was to tuck 2 sides in and pinch it with my thumb getting ready to baste.

I took a threaded needle  and stitched 2-3 stitches to secure it.

I was going around the whole shape  doing the same thing.

And finally back to where I started, it's all done.

All 13 of them together:

My helpers for the day were:

Kormi helped me keeping me on my toes, making sure I can't sit down to baste.

He even volunteered to find my thimble in my sewing box. 

Szundi made sure I'm burning extra calories with standing. His favorite place is wherever I need to be sitting/sewing/or whatever.

'Til we blog again! :)


  1. Like the tutorial and your helpers.

  2. I've used this method to baste my hexies too but with paper. Great idea upcycling plastic lid covers to make those templates.

  3. I baste my hexagons exactly like you! I use paper and re-use them for as long as I can. I actually iron them between uses and they last a bit longer. Love the kitties! Aren't they helpful???

  4. I'm going to try my hand at diamonds for a star block. I wish I had a quilting kitty!

  5. Adorable kitties! Mine are having a fit becuase I'm hand sewing Hexy flowers and not at the machine. :)
    I've basted like that before then found the paper pieces popped out before i wanted them too. :(


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