Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Oven mitts, and hot pads

I can't believe it's been almost a month since I last posted. Time flies when you're having fun, I guess! I finally had my editing software re-installed after I got an SSD drive put into my laptop (by DF) for better speed.
I whipped up a few oven mitts as presents and since I was at it I also made some for myself. I used any strings I had on hand, they were all under 2". I made up the pattern using my own hand, and after I was done I just realized the insul bright I was using has a pattern on the packaging. Oh, well! I will use that next time.
I asked the design question on twitter of which quilting method people would prefer, and most of them voted for lines, so after I made the grid one, the second one stayed with line quilting.
The method I used making them was I cut out the shape of the mitten with a generous seam allowance from insul bright, and then started to sew my strings on top, and fold and press as I went. When I was done I trimmed it to size, and quilted it, putting the flannel as backing. I've sewn it right side facing, and also stuck a little hanging tag in between, facing the inside of the mitten. Finally I machine bound it, also with leftover binding from an earlier baby quilt.

So here's the one with the grids, front and back:

And the one people liked more, the line quilted:

I totally love the binding on this one! The inside is flannel, nice and soft.

Also made this square one after a pattern of my old hot pad because I liked the fact that it had a pocket and I could just stick my hand in there quickly and it didn't require 2 hands to put on. I forgot to round the corners a little bit, but I think it will just do like this:

This is the back:

I was rocking the machine binding on this one :)

And finally I made this one out of flannel, which feels super soft. The flannels were leftovers from 2 receiving blankets I made waaaay back when.

Here's the front:

The back (a little wrinkly since I've been using it for 2 weeks):

Before you ask what's with the stitches... First of all, since it was for me, I didn't bother with bias binding, so the binding is leftover I had from my blue and white quilts. Second of all, I made and oopsie and sewed the binding on the front first, then stitched it down on the back. Yeah. But no one else will see it, so I didn't bother correcting it. I remembered it on the second one I made, and that looks fine :)
That is all for now, I also made progress on my Chain of Stars quilt, but I will blog about that in a different post.

'Til we blog again! :)


  1. I love the pot holders! Lol, I like the grid lines!! Yay for you creating your own pattern.

  2. I love your oven mitts, using your strings was a great idea! I actually like the grid quilting better!

  3. Nice work! It is really fun to play, isn't it? Potholders are a great way to practice (unless you are a pro???) machine binding.

  4. Lovely little mitts for the kitchen! They are all sure to make you smile while using them. Personally I like the grid one better too. Have a great weekend Kati!

  5. Love your oven mits! I really like the grid quilted one. Stitch in the ditch is my next favorite one! Love the cheerful colors!


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