Monday, November 12, 2012

Quick baby quilts

Hey Everyone,
Welcome back! I'm so glad you're here :)
Today's post will  be about a few pictures of the "whole cloth" baby quilts  my friend asked me to make.
She gave me 2 weeks  notice, we went to pick out the fabrics together. She picked 2 adorable ones, and a very soft flannel for the back.
I was kind of considering if  I should do a regular quilt, or just quilt the top and the batting together and sew the back on pillowcase style with no binding. I decided it  would be better for the flannel to be quilted with the other 2 layers so that's what I did. Her friend is expecting twins and was going to have the baby shower on the Saturday after Sandy. She gave me the fabrics on Thursday before the hurricane came so I hurried to baste,quilt, and to sew the binding on  thinking I can do the hand stitching while we lose power. And that's what I did. I finished both bindings while the power was out, only for 2 days thank goodness. She called me and said the baby shower was postponed because of the storm so I put the quilts aside. The only thing I had left to do was to weave the thread ends.
She called me last Thursday again and said the  shower will be held on Saturday so She wants to swing by to pick up the quilts. I told her to hold her horses because I still had a few hours of work that I needed to do to  have them finished. I worked  on them  on Thursday night and finished them both.
Friday morning we took the photos, Fiance helped because there was not so much light. So he was holding up the quilts while I took the photos. They're not the best quality, but they'll do for now. My only regret is that I was kind of rushing and forgot to take close-ups. Ooopsie! :)
Here they are!

Front I:

Back I:

Front II:

Back II:

I didn't have a chance to wash them and I'm hoping the new owner will  send me pictures of the quilts washed and wrapped around the new babies!

That's all for Today, next time I'll  post  about a block I was testing for someone, and my fabric choices for the Easy Street Quilt Along hosted by Bonnie K. Hunter. Also I'm still working on sashing my Craftsy BOM blocks into 2 baby quilts. Pictures are coming up! :)

'Til we blog again! :)


  1. They're great Kati, loving the fabrics and your fmq. Good job :)

  2. Lovely quilts.

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  3. Those are both super cute little baby quilts. Your FMQ looks pretty sweet too :) The photos turned out nice for not much light.

  4. They are BEAUTIFUL!!! A whole fabric quilt sounds so peaceful :)


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