Sunday, September 14, 2014

Some progress made

Hey everyone,
Welcome back!

I had a very busy last few weeks, and hardly got to sit down to sew. I did some minor repairs, but not much quilting done.

The last few weeks I realized that I am in a desperate need to have my own quilt as I was spending a few nights on our office sofa. No, nothing is wrong between Fiance and I, and I'm not planning on breaking up with him or anything. But unfortunately we lost our baby kitty on July 25th due to a mysterious accident, and we were both devastated along with Smoky who lost his brother. In a few days we decided to adopt a kitten to have him some company in these very difficult times. We both miss Sleepy terribly as we were raising him since the day he was born.

The new kitty arrived in 4 days, we named him Paw as he has gigantic size paws. He just turned 6 months about a week ago, and was very scared, hissing and growling at Smoky. Fortunately he is such a calm grown-up kitty, and can make friends with strangers. So I spent the first 2 nights with Paw in the office, and Smoky was sleeping with Fiance in our bedroom. It took them a few days to get to know each other, and it's been six weeks since the adoption, after 2  weeks they started to play with each other. Things are going well, despite the circumstances.
Here they are, unfortunately I only have a phone picture to show.

I did finish putting the borders on Lucky Stars finally, and also pieced the backing together for my Celtic Solstice. I did a mitered corner on Lucky Stars, as I thought what the heck... 

For the backing of Celtic Solstice I used similar colors as are in the quilt top.

It's weird to be in my sewing room without my regular helper, sometimes Smoky comes to keep me company and guard my fabrics.

Now I have a lot of tops to be quilted, and was thinking I should start basting them, the smallest one first, but then realized I don't have a backing for that one, and need to make one for Lucky Stars, too. Always something :)

Chain of Stars top, waiting for basting:

I have so many things I have to get done that I had to write a list :) Some of it was crossed out already, but there's still plenty left...

That's all for now, I'll be back with some updates, hopefully soon!

'Til we blog again! :)


  1. Love the Lucky Stars quilt! The picture of the cats sort of looks like a two-headed cat.

  2. Some progress is still progress! Love the Lucky Stars quilt. And I really like your colors on Chain of Stars--especially for this time of year! Glad the kitties are getting along better--they're beautiful.

  3. It seems you have the same "problem" as me. I'm all gung ho about finishing a top and then they can sit there for years (at least at my house). How are you going to quilt those beauties?

  4. Great work! Lucky Stars looks great. I love it. When you show multiple quilts, I see you have a color palette of fall colors. Very nice!

  5. Kati,I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved kitty! On the other hand I am very happy that you have found a new one to bring home and love!
    Your quilts are simply amazing,you make the most beautiful eye candy.

    I have been super busy myself,and had not found the time to post for a while,and had barely sewed either. Good luck on getting more things crossed off your list!

  6. Wow Kati, those two quilts are so beautiful! I hope your cat situation gets resolved and you can get back to your own comfy bed.

  7. What a mixed bag of emotion reading your post Kati, firstly glad you're posting again, then I'm so sorry to hear about Sleepy, it's hard to lose a pet, each with their own personality and if he was your work room friend you'll miss him as you sew. Your new baby looks gorgeous and hopefully things will settle down over the next few weeks, no more nights on the sofa! Some great quilts to boot - looking forward to seeing what you work on next - Chris :D x

  8. Both quilts are beautiful!
    So sorry to hear about your little friend.

  9. Gorgeous quilts! You do such beautiful work. I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. It is so hard to lose a pet. It leaves a hole in your heart, but I'm sure Paw will fill it in his own unique way. Paw and Smokey almost look like siblings.


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