Friday, April 6, 2012

Receiving blanket

Sandy  from Quilting...for the Rest of Us posted on her blog about a video by the Missouri Star Quilt Co. in which Jenny shows an easy way to sew a receiving blanket. Even though her video is 12:38 long (with some sewing time edited out)  She says that it's a 10 minutes project which took me around an hour with the cutting and the final pressing. Since I don't have a big enough cutting mat I had to bump up a 36"x24" and a 24"x18" cutting mat next to each other and count on the markings on the mats. Hands down it is and easy blanket if you  need something in a hurry. Jo-Ann had a great deal on flannels so last week I went out to get some. They were $2.79 a yard which is the lowest price I ever bought any fabrics for. I pre-washed them to make sure they won't be shrinking a lot  next time they'll be washed. 
I made only one  just to test the waters. 

I have two more in the works with the backs needing to be cut. It helped a lot that Sandy gave some tips about flipping and all that jazz. If You're interested in making one of these I suggest to go to  Sandy's  blog and read her post first. I could totally use Her tips while I was working. Thank You so much, Sandy!


  1. Don't they turn out cute? I love making these. This will definitely be a go-to project whenever I need a quick baby shower gift from now on! Yours is adorable. Glad you had fun with it.

  2. DARLING!!! :) Super cute :) Receiving blankets were my best friend when my kids were babies. A new mom can never have enough!


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